Welcome to Fazeday

The Only Social Network where you can speak freely
Without being afraid of having your account deleted.


The Problem

Every day people are being shut out of their personal social accounts
without being able to get back in without a fight, or a lot of frustration,
potentially loosing all their history and images.

Often this happens without any chance of appeal, debate and sometimes for no reason.

The Solution

With Fazeday we give you back your freedom to speak and the right to own your data.
We are a politically independent social network built in the heart of Denmark.
We started our journey in 2021 and we are growing each day.

It's 100% free and you can actually shut down your account if you do not want it anymore.

Why Fazeday?

We do not suppress your rights to speak your mind.

Debate, create polls and make statements as you like.

We value your privacy!

Your informations are not shared with any 3rd party.

Keep what is yours!

We do not take ownership of your posts or content.

A politically independent social network!

We unbiassed value the right to disagree.