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  • 1. You will not upload any malicious codes or viruses.
  • 2. You will not take any action that can cause to overburden, disable, harm or alter the functionality and/or visuals of www.fazeday.com.
  • 3. You will not perform any DOS attacks on www.fazeday.com or initiate any robots, bots, spiders or any automated means in order to do any of the above or to collect information from www.fazeday.com
  • 4. You will not infiltrate any Trojan horses, malware or any form of digital corruption on www.fazeday.com
  • 5. You will not post any content of pornographic, racist, hateful or illegal nature on www.fazeday.com
  • 6. You will not post any content that is harmful for www.fazeday.com or its users.
  • 7. You will not harass, threaten, bully or intimidate any users on www.fazeday.com.
  • 8. You will not use www.fazeday.com for any unlawful multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes.
  • 9. You will not ask any users for credit card information, usernames or passwords on www.fazeday.com.
  • 10. You will not post any content on www.fazeday.com that you have no right to – this also extends to marketing material.
  • 11. You will not encourage or hire anyone to do any of the above.
  • 12. By using www.fazeday.com you confirm that you are at least 15 years of age or have parental consent to use it.
  • 13. Your profile, pictures and posts belong to you – and www.fazeday.com does not take ownership or claim rights to any of this content.
  • 14. www.fazeday.com is not responsible for any uploads made by you.
  • 15. www.fazeday.com will not use your personal information, e-mail, photos or postings for any commercial use without your written consent nor will www.fazeday.com share any of the mentioned with any 3rd party.
  • 16. If you choose to delete your profile on www.fazeday.com it is permanently deleted and www.fazeday.com does not save any information or content related to your profile.
  • 17. www.fazeday.com is a visual network and it is mandatory that you upload a profile picture.
  • 18. www.fazeday.com uses advanced automatic systems to detect fraud with activity points.
  • Spamming of posts, false profile friendships and or any attempts to gain activity points in an dishonest manner will be detected and the offending profile will be banned.
  • 19. You understand the terms of use for www.fazeday.com.

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