About Fazeday

Fazeday is a new social network with YOU in charge!

The goal of Fazeday is to provide you with a social media where you own your content,
feel free to create your profile content as you wish and be assured your private information is secure.

Fazeday rewards you for being a member!

By using Fazeday you accumulate Fazecoins, our own internal currency, which you can use for
selling and buying items among other members.
That means that you actually get paid by being a loyal member of Fazeday.

Elevate your status!

Being an active member of Fazeday promotes your status though visible Badges
that symbolizes what your current status is.

Become a verified profile!

To avoid "fake" profiles we have introduced the abillity to become a verified profile.
This is simply achieved by creating a photo album called "Verified profile", posting a picture of yourself holding a sign stating your full name.
Hereafter you request us for verification and our admins will tend to the matter.
No need to send in legal or personal documents.

Keep track on who visited your profile!

You can at all times see every unique visitor within the last 30 days on your profile.