About Fazeday

Fazeday is a new social network with YOU in charge!

The goal of Fazeday is to provide you with a social media where you own your content,
feel free to create your profile content as you wish and be assured your private information is secure.

Neutral ground!

Fazeday is a 100% politically neutral and non-biassed social media.
We do not interfere in your views and your right to express them.

We protect your privacy!

Everything you share and upload on Fazeday belongs tp you
and we do not take ownership hereof.
We don't share your informations with any 3rd party, 
not even for commercial purposes.
If you choose to delete your profile on Fazeday all your content and information
is permanently erased.

No scams and spam!

Fazeday does not tolerate scams, abuse of celebreties for marketing purposes or fake clickbaits.
Nor do we allow links to informationharvesting robots.